Hey, luxury brands! You are too friendly!🙄

Doing social media marketing for a brand is one of the active ways to get closer to customers. That is why a thousand brands on the Earth nowadays step by step tries to interact with customers on the Internet to make themselves friendlier in customers’ eyes.

But how about luxury fashion brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton? Is this friendly manner on social media always good for their brand image and positioning?


                  How about luxury fashion brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton? (Courtesy: Pexel)

According to the fact that, luxury brands are controlled, exclusive, premium, and aimed for a selected group of wealthy consumers. Using a luxury brand, especially fashion one seems to make customers more confident, trendy and to have a feeling of belong to a high-class. Hence, the friendly interaction with customers by responding their posts, and encouraging them to participate in many activities such as mini-games on Facebook is really good for mass market brands but may lower the value of luxury brands in customer’s perception. Particularly, too friendly manner sometimes narrows a distance between mass-market consumers and luxury brands and therefore, it seems hard to drive the desire of owning luxury products to satisfy their needs and furthermore, to enhance their social status. For example, some successful luxury brands which are well-known all over the world such as Louis Vuitton bags or Hermes scarf never give away a gift like a 10% off coupon if you finish an online survey. The reason is that this approach may damage the premium of them.  Also, online contests are rarely held for luxury brands because it may reduce their unique and may lower brand image in customers’ mind.


   Luxury brands are controlled, exclusive, premium, and aimed for a selected group of wealthy consumers
(Courtesy : Pexel)

Consequently, managing a luxury brand requires marketers more careful, and clever in making a suitable social marketing strategy that allows maintaining the dream of customers about a luxury product. In particular, they should create and keep the distance of sacred psychological on social media channel so that value perception of these brands such as status signal, exclusive, and premium characteristics will exit in customers’ mind when they think about them. Furthermore, marketers should avoid over-friendly engagement between customers and luxury brands to prevent them from the think that brands are too easy to approach and access. Gradually, customers will equate the value of luxury brands with mainstream products on the mass market.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 10.53.14 am.png

(Courtesy: Louis Vuitton)

Example: Louis Vuitton brand has a Facebook page but it seems just a bridge to link to its official website when introducing new collections rather than to interact with its consumers. It still keeps psychological distance with consumers to raise the desire of consumers about the brand as well as to maintain the brand image.

Have a good day & see you in my next pots! 😉


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Photo courtesy of Pexel

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton Facebook page

23 thoughts on “Hey, luxury brands! You are too friendly!🙄

  1. Very exciting post! Social media strategy for luxury brands is not easy as I thought. If we dont do it in a right way, brand images will be harmed.
    Like this post very much!

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    1. Hi Sam! Thank you for your comment! Yeah, it is not easy at all. Too friendly is very good for almost brands when performing online but with luxury brands, it needs to be considered carefully.


  2. I really like the topic your discussed here about luxury brand social media strategy. It is really difficult to consider and decide how does a luxury brand interact with consumers via social media and keep its marketing position differ from mass brands.

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    1. Hi Auro! thanks for your comment. Yes, you are totally right. Doing social media marketing for luxury brands is a bit different with mass market brands. Thats why marketers need to be clever when deciding which approach should be used for the brand.

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  3. Luxury brands are always an interesting exception to any rule. The psychological exclusivity that drives their brand value is a delicate balance. It may be that social media works in some ways to foster that exclusivity. It isn’t just owning something others can’t have, but also being seen to own something that others can’t have. So perhaps the social media communication with the non-owners is actually a strategy to highlight that there are non-owners – interaction makes them visible and gets them talking about their non-ownership. This lets the owners see them!!!

    The margins are so high that luxury brands can tinker in this space a bit more, and the weird psychology may give them an edge in this space!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Luke! Thanks for your great comment. I agree that being seen to own something that others can’t have is a feeling what the owners want when they decide to use luxury brands. Therefore, social media marketing strategy for non-owners is also a great way to enhance the exclusivity, premium of luxury products and to foster the desire of owning luxury brands of customers.

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  5. That’s a very nice highlight you post here!

    It’s really hard for a luxury brand to do their marketing on social media because if they choose to do social media marketing, it might be dangerous for their brand image as a luxury brand, like “why a luxury brand like this has the same strategy like other normal brands? then what’s the difference? are they targeting ALL kinds of people or is it still exclusively for a high-end type of people?”

    So I think it’s really hard for them since this social media marketing is a good strategy to expose their brand, but they cannot use it since they’re afraid that people’s view of them might change.

    Great post though! looking forward to your next posts! Cheers 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your contribution. Doing social media marketing for luxury brands is hard but it can be used in clever ways to enhance their brand images. As I mention above , Louis Vuitton brand still has a Facebook page but it just for introducing new collections or something like that (and it leaves a link to its office website). It is not for holding a game, a contest or deeply interaction with customers. Hope to see you in my next posts!


  6. Hi mylittledolphin, this is really a great article on one of the ways to advertise a luxury brand. One thing that I’m pretty sure is mass advertising and the discount are not a good way for lux brand, because the target customer is different and wealthy, and always wants to show a high-class.

    In my idea, i’d love to contribute is the most effective way to promote for luxury brands is magazines and luxury brands still loyal to print magazines because of the sheer elegance of print because they know exactly where the target market is. I think it is an effective investment because the reader really likes to flip through magazine pages with ink smell.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Parker! Thank you so much your great contribution. Doing marketing for a luxury brand is different from a mass-market brand. I totally agree magazines are a great channel to place the advertisement for a luxury brand because they are high quality (materials) and each magazine specialises to some target customers. While newspaper the material quality is low, if we advertise luxury brand on it, will reduce the level of the luxury brand.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I do not own any LV bags or other luxury brands because I never think I will spend too much money on these products. But I am still curious why some people still desire to own them. That’s why this article is here :).


  7. I think their strategy it’s solved around the brand identity or the “person” that the brand represents, meaning that they probably just act following the standards of exclusivity and aspiration the brand promotes in general. If the brand was a person, would that person (being so important, famous, rich and exclusive) be answering everyone’s calls or messages? Of course not! Their posts reach not only actual customers but also potential customers (for many people, there is nothing better than the sign of “I’m making a better living now” than displaying to the world their newest LV bag. It is just a matter of being cohesive with the overall identity.


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